Saturday, 30 November 2013

Burn me naked ~ A saga of desires


Look at me.

Am I not beautiful? My name is Daisey.

If I tell you more about me, you would wonder that what is there   worth possessing in the world that this girl does not already possess.

Then I would look at you with amazement and little stars would twinkle in my eyes. Asking quite innocently, “Can I have a dream of my choice tonight?”

You would be taken aback; all vital questions are asked innocently. That would define your limitation of power. When you cannot give me a dream of my choice, what else you can give me. OK. Give me tears when I am laughing or make me laugh when I shed tears. If you cannot change the mood of teenager girl or cannot make her see a dream, never expect a reward from her.

Though I am generous in giving rewards.

I rewarded generously to my schoolteachers just for giving me good marks. It is not so, that I did not deserve it. I was a brilliant student as far as studies were concerned. With few extra bonus marks I would top in the class. People had many reasons to be jealous of me, and those people were not my friends and class fellows but their parents. They did not mind the rank of their children but they did mind my first rank in the class.

 When people feel jealous of you for a long time they become your enemies.

Unknowingly because I was innocent, I made lots of enemies by the time I finished my school.

Beauty without grace and destiny is no beauty at all. It is as if a beautiful flower bloomed in deep forest wilts without an admirer. It does not complain but all humans do. I have never seen in my life, though I am too young to say my life, anybody who does not complain and curse the God for minor things that they themselves are responsible for.

If at all God should be cursed for only those things for which we have not made a choice. Like if, you smoke and you suffer from throat or lung cancer than you cannot curse him. It is as simple as that for me. But if you follow all the rules of hygiene and live a balanced life and still suffer from cancer, the collective free choice of the society has played the role, in providing you polluted environment and inventing cigarettes.  I have read that even a nonsmoker inhales smoke of four cigarettes in a day.

I enjoy all types of freedom and it has made me a responsible girl. I have never misused any kind of freedom, well; the definition of misuse is subjective. By and large nobody finds me offensive, and that is a proof of my being cultured girl. Or, I thought it to be so, till one day same thing happened to me that usually happens with the girl having reputation of two pennyworths only.

It was my last semester in the school.

My school was coeducation, and it was my decision to study in a coeducation school. Up to my middle school, I did study at a girl’s school where the teachers were also females. Teachers considered me a good student, but I never topped my class. I was not in the number game at that time, it was more important for me to have a quality fun than quantity fun.

I was surprised what attracted me most was considered as distraction by most of my friends.


For example, I loved to collect insects

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