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Book Review~"Burn me naked love my naked soul" By Vipin Behari Goyal

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Book Review~ “Burn me naked love my naked soul” By Vipin Behari Goyal

Sonam Sharma’s review
Apr 17, 14 · edit

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Read from April 10 to 18, 2014
Very unusual book about a teenage girl who loved insects
May be I liked it because of my preferred genre with some symbolic philosophy. After WW2 many books were written that drew a parity in the low life of human beings in the ghetto with that of insects.Insects, especially that which looks ugly and are dangerous, are abhorred by the elite of the society. Those are that people who lived in ghetto and may be in the slums of the India. The teenage girl is a neo capitalist who knows how to make use of these poor peoples resources which is a psyche of taking risk when you have nothing to lose. Her experiments to test the effects of deprivation of physiological needs of insects confirms her views about their destiny. Her final disposal of those insects who were weak and perished into a hole and liberation of those who survived into a valley is used as approach of rich towards poor.
On the one hand poisonous insects are used as tool of revenge which is aggression of poor,but if poor have other assets like beauty and youth that too is exploited by capitalist.The main character draws inspiration for color and designs of garments by beautiful insects.
The next part of the book is about the eternal war between creativity and manipulation. In short term manipulators seems to be in winning position but in long run they are always exposed and it is merit that survives.there is lot of suspense here so I would not spoil your excitement about may read and draw your own conclusions.
The most important thing is the writing style.Author has selected few famous quotes about fire and has developed the story along those quotations.There are no chapters just a long story or may be a novella or one hour metro book that would leave you mesmerised.
Burn Me Naked Love my naked soul
Vipin Behari Goyal (Author)
She was pretty, she was young, she was ready to experiment with her life. Success was her only motto and she was ready to go to any extent for that. She believed in the end and not in the means. Vengeance was her only weakness and insects were her only true friends. She made her career in Fashion Industry and reached to the top by her talent. She wanted to possess everything she loved and removed every obstacle that came in her way even if she was her best friend.
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Book Review--> Burn Me Naked by Vipin Behari Goyal ~ Nikita Johari

#BookReview--> Burn Me Naked by Vipin Behari Goyal
Posted by Nikita Johri at 7:37 PM
Title and Author:  Burn Me Naked by Vipin Behari Goyal
  • Paperback: 154 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (1 December 2013)
  • Language: English
Genre: Romance, Adult Fiction

My Review:
Daisey is beautiful with an innocent face which belies her manipulative side. She is different from other people. She is obsessed with insects and feels that they are her true source of learning in life. She takes what she wants, possesses it and destroys anyone and anything in her path. Her enemies meet life destroying disasters. What lengths will Daisey go to?
Where will her insane need to possess everything that she likes take her?

"Look at me.

Am I not beautiful? My name is Daisey.
If I tell you more about me, you would wonder that what is there worth possessing in the world that I do not already possess."

This is not your usual happy love story. This is a dark story of a girl who seems like a character out of Criminal Minds T.V. series. I cant say I had a smooth ride reading this book because I have never read anything like this nor can I say that it falls in my usual style of reading. This story is a roller coaster ride where you will sometimes feel uneasy, sometimes feel empathizing with the issues raised and also sometimes feel afraid of the heroine.

Vipin Behari is known to write books that are unconventional and somber in their tone. He raises social issues in his stories and his books are serious pieces of work. In this book also he raises questions and gives a book that is meant for mature readers with some explicit content.

His thoughts are well mapped out but his command on the language falls back and some of his phraseology is ambiguous. The main character is very disturbing with her unhealthy obsession with insects and her misplaced moral values. It is fear inducing to even think that there maybe people like her in our society!

Caution is advised while reading this book which may revolt you and disturb you. Definitely not meant for readers below the age of 18 years, I give this unusual love story a 3.5 out of 5.

I received the book from the author to read and review and I am very thankful to him. The above review is honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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NjKinny's World of Books: #BookReview--> Burn Me Naked by Vipin Behari Goyal...

NjKinny's World of Books: #BookReview--> Burn Me Naked by Vipin Behari Goyal...: Title and Author:   Burn Me Naked  by Vipin Behari Goyal Paperback:  154 pages Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform;...

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Official Review: Burn me naked by Vipin Behari Goyal

Post Number:#1  Postby L_Therese » 05 Jan 2014, 03:33
[Following is the official review of "Burn me naked" by Vipin Behari Goyal.]

Life can be brutal, and the cost of success is sometimes devastatingly high. These are lessons that Daisy, the main character and narrator of Vipin Behari Goyal’s book Burn Me Naked, learns even from early childhood. The book follows Daisy through her childhood and college years and into her marriage and career.

In truth, this is a story about a beautiful, self-confident girl who is inordinately successful. Early on, she learns to manipulate and control people and circumstances. Her world is divided into friends and enemies, and she has no compunctions about exacting revenge on those who have wronged her.

The author uses Daisy’s perception of the world to illustrate larger problems in society. Daisy’s world is cold and manipulative. She attracts followers and admirers, but her “friendships” do not pass from one phase of life to another. In the rare occasions when Daisy permits herself to feel something like real affection for someone, she too often finds herself abandoned, betrayed, and rejected. In such an environment, it becomes less strange that she resolves to use others before they can use her and to brutally punish any who cause her hurt. The author is teaching the readership about the necessity of compassion, lest the whole world decide that Daisy’s way makes more sense in human interactions.

I have two main criticisms of this book. In the first case, the mechanics of the book still need work. There are many grammatical errors and innumerable awkward phrasings that make it plain that the book was either translated or written by a non-native English speaker. There’s nothing wrong with regionalisms, of course, but in places the book becomes difficult to understand. My second criticism is strictly a matter of preference. Very little actually happens in the book. Overall, it strikes me as a more artistic work that shows off how Daisy’s mind affects her reality and visa-versa. While I can appreciate this type of work, unfortunately, I know few others who would.

I give this book two out of four stars. I enjoyed it, but especially since the style of the book limits its appeal to readership, I think it is very important that the author really strives for true excellence in order for the book to be something one could recommend widely. Cleaning up the mechanical errors would be a good start, but for a book of this style, excellence, in my opinion, demands a level of deep profundity that is very rare to discover, even harder to describe, and for many, nearly impossible to create.

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Burn me naked reviewed by Online Book Club

"I thought that, overall, the story was very sad. From the beginning, Daisy gets used to the ideas that love is possession (bugs), that she and others are tools that can be used to achieve ends, and that enemies should be punished by revenge. Later, when she finally manages to have lasting relationships with Sam and Zahara and thinks that she finally loves and is loved by her husband and friend, she is betrayed, finds herself inexcusably used to achieve something so paltry as business success, and returns to these ideas once again, seeking an ultimate revenge."