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Book Review~"Burn me naked love my naked soul" By Vipin Behari Goyal

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Book Review~ “Burn me naked love my naked soul” By Vipin Behari Goyal

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Apr 17, 14 · edit

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Very unusual book about a teenage girl who loved insects
May be I liked it because of my preferred genre with some symbolic philosophy. After WW2 many books were written that drew a parity in the low life of human beings in the ghetto with that of insects.Insects, especially that which looks ugly and are dangerous, are abhorred by the elite of the society. Those are that people who lived in ghetto and may be in the slums of the India. The teenage girl is a neo capitalist who knows how to make use of these poor peoples resources which is a psyche of taking risk when you have nothing to lose. Her experiments to test the effects of deprivation of physiological needs of insects confirms her views about their destiny. Her final disposal of those insects who were weak and perished into a hole and liberation of those who survived into a valley is used as approach of rich towards poor.
On the one hand poisonous insects are used as tool of revenge which is aggression of poor,but if poor have other assets like beauty and youth that too is exploited by capitalist.The main character draws inspiration for color and designs of garments by beautiful insects.
The next part of the book is about the eternal war between creativity and manipulation. In short term manipulators seems to be in winning position but in long run they are always exposed and it is merit that survives.there is lot of suspense here so I would not spoil your excitement about may read and draw your own conclusions.
The most important thing is the writing style.Author has selected few famous quotes about fire and has developed the story along those quotations.There are no chapters just a long story or may be a novella or one hour metro book that would leave you mesmerised.
Burn Me Naked Love my naked soul
Vipin Behari Goyal (Author)
She was pretty, she was young, she was ready to experiment with her life. Success was her only motto and she was ready to go to any extent for that. She believed in the end and not in the means. Vengeance was her only weakness and insects were her only true friends. She made her career in Fashion Industry and reached to the top by her talent. She wanted to possess everything she loved and removed every obstacle that came in her way even if she was her best friend.
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